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Access WordPress MySQL Database without cPanel

Access WordPress MySQL Database without cPanel (only from WordPress login)

Did you know you can also access the database of your WordPress website only using the WP backend (i.e. /wp-admin)? Yes, no need for cPanel

Add an image popup, WordPress no plugin

Add an image popup to WordPress websites, without plugins | 2022

Here is a quick WordPress tutorial to add a Popup to your WordPress websites without using any plugins, but CSS, HTML, and JS.

fix error establishing a database connection

Fix Error establishing a database connection | 2022 | #WordPress 20

Is your WordPress site showing “error establishing a database connection”? If yes, then this video tutorial will help you fix the issue.

How to change WordPress login URL

How to change the WordPress login URL, wp-admin? 2022

In this WordPress tutorial, we will quickly learn how you can change the default WordPress login URL using a very simple plugin WPS Hide login

Adding new users to the WordPress via MySQL database

Adding new users to the WordPress site using the database?

In this video, you will learn how you can easily add an admin user to WordPress using cPanel via the MYSQL database.

How to use filezilla ftp to access all the website files

How to use FileZilla FTP to access all the website files?

Here’s a quick Filezilla tutorial to access your WordPress website files using FTP. You will then be able to upload and delete any files/folders