PHPMyAdmin: How to change the WordPress admin password via the database?

WordPress Tutorial: In this short video, you will learn to reset the WordPress Admin password using the cPanel, PHPmyAdmin database. It is very easy to change the password for the admin user (or any user, just using the database).

Here is how you can change the user’s password:

Open the PHP my admin and click on your database name. Then scroll to find WP_Users, please note that the prefix WP might be different in your case. Anyway, click on it and a list of the users for your website will be displayed. Click on EDIT for the user you want to change the password for. You will not require to change anything except for the User_Pass for the password. On varchar, choose MD5 (This is a must) and on the corresponding box, write any password you wish to write. And click on GO. Now you should be able to log in to your WordPress Dashboard (wp-admin) using the new password. We hope this Shortvideo was useful, Thank you very much.

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