Can you change any user’s email ID using phpMyAdmin?

In this WordPress tutorial, we’ll walk through the process of updating WordPress user email addresses using phpMyAdmin. This way, there is no need for any email confirmation.

While it’s possible to change the email directly from the WordPress dashboard (by navigating to ‘Users’), it typically triggers a confirmation step. To bypass this, access your cPanel and open phpMyAdmin. Within the database, locate your WordPress database and find the ‘wp_Users’ table.

Once in the ‘wp_Users’ table, locate the specific user entry and click on ‘Edit’. Here, you can adjust various user details. Update the email field with the new email address and click ‘GO’ to save the changes.

Now, the user’s email address is updated seamlessly, without requiring confirmation. Refresh the page on your WordPress dashboard to view the updated email.

Thank you.

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