Change WordPress login page URL, without plugins

Learn how to protect your WordPress website by changing the default WordPress login URL without using plugins like WPS hide or others. Follow these step-by-step instructions to enhance your website’s security and prevent unauthorized access.

To change your wp-admin or wp-login.php URL, all you have to do is add the following code to your theme functions. But remember to replace “Your Word” with a unique word of your choice. If you forget your secret word, you will need to access your root files using cPanel or FTP and remove or retrieve the secret code from the functions.php file.

Also, please keep in mind that this method has some limitations. For instance, logging out will redirect users to the home page. However, if you prefer avoiding complex plugins, this code-based solution offers an effective way to secure your WordPress login page. If you need further assistance with WordPress security or any other website-related topics, feel free to contact us.

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