WordPress Speed Optimization: WP rocket best settings?

Does the WP rocket plugin actually work? And is the price worth it? Well, this might be a question many of us might have. To be honest, we were also a bit reluctant to try to make a purchase of the plugin. However, when we set up the WP rocket plugin, to our surprise, the score drastically improved on Google Page Insights. So, if anyone is looking to improve their website’s score, please do try the WP rocket plugin – it can definitely be of great help.

The settings for the WP rocket plugin are very simple. Some of the settings might cause an issue to your website, depending on the themes your website is running on. You can always undo the settings and try. WP Rocket also gives the option to exclude certain elements if there are any issues. Anyway, in this video, we will briefly guide you on how to use the WP rocket plugin for achieving a great score on your WordPress website.

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