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move WordPress site to new domain

How to migrate WordPress site to new domain or host only using WordPress logins?

Learn how you can migrate/move your WordPress website from one domain to another domain or host only using the WordPress logins

Embed Instagram Feed to WordPress

How to add Instagram feed to WordPress?

Embedding your Instagram feed to WordPress is super easy with a smash balloon free plugin; a few clicks and you are ready to go!

upload SVG to WordPress using Codes no plugins

How to add SVG to WordPress using codes?

As you know, by default we cannot add SVG to WordPress, however, by using some simple codes we can easily upload SVG images to WordPress.

bypass cache

How to bypass Cache URL (refresh)?

If you are not seeing the changes you made on your website, then this is the best way to share the URL that will bypass the cache to some extent

subdomain in WP Engine WordPress Hosting?

How to create a subdomain in WP Engine? 2022

If you use WP Engine as your web hosting then this video will guide you on creating a Subdomain to your domain.

Disable WP JSON Rest API in WordPress without plugin

Disable WP JSON Rest API in WordPress without plugin

Is your username exposed on your WordPress website? If yes, then this could be a security threat, learn how to disable WP JSON API