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Password Protect your WordPress website

Password protect WordPress site using htaccess?

With this simple guide, you’ll learn how to password-protect your WordPress site using .htaccess in just a few easy steps.

Secure Login Page by IP

WordPress login page access restrictions by ip address, functions.php

Learn to secure your login page by allowing access only to specific IP addresses using theme functions instead of the .htaccess file

Change WordPress Login URL

Change WordPress login page URL, without plugins

Learn how to protect your WordPress website by changing the default WordPress login URL without using plugins like WPS hide or others.

Block WordPress Admin by IP

Restrict wp-admin access by ip | Allow deny .htaccess

Here is how you can easily restrict access to the WordPress login page by IP and block unauthorized access to the admin area.

increase wp memory limit

How to increase wp memory limit? wp-config.PHP

In this tutorial, learn how to increase the PHP memory limit in WordPress by editing the WP-config file, without using FTP or cPanel.

Password protect WordPress login page with htaccess

Password protect WordPress login page with htaccess

Learn how to add an extra layer of security to your login page by using htaccess password protection; all steps and code included