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Verify google AdSense to WordPress

How to verify google AdSense to WordPress manually?

Here we’ll walk through the process of adding the AdSense verification code to your WordPress site, without the need for any plugins.

customize woocommerce checkout page

How to customize WooCommerce checkout page; add fields to billing and shipping addresses?

Here is a quick WooCommerce tutorial on how to customize the checkout page, add custom fields to billing and shipping addresses

Create a custom WordPress plugin instead of using functions

Create a custom WordPress plugin instead of using functions.php

Here’s a quick WordPress tutorial, to create a WordPress plugin that allows you to add custom codes without using functions.php

Disable Right Click WordPress without plugins

How to disable right-click in WordPress without plugins?

Learn the best method for disabling right-click in WordPress without using any plugins but a simple Javascript script.

Fix Thumbnail Not showing Facebook Twitter

Fix thumbnail not showing on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) add Title & Description

Here’s a quick fix for missing thumbnails when sharing URLs on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

WordPress Limit Login Attempts

WordPress limit login attempts using codes

Learn how to improve your WordPress security by limiting the number of login attempts a user can make before being locked out.