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Gtranslate plugin wordpress

Gtranslate plugin WordPress | Translate website

Learn how to easily add translation to your WordPress website using the GTranslate free plugin; easy to use and customize!

Custom Mouse Cursor

Use custom Cursor on WordPress | 2023

Here’s how you can customize your mouse cursor on a WordPress website using any image icons and only using codes; no plugins.

custom icon under mouse cursor

How to add a custom icon under the mouse cursor in WordPress using CSS?

In this WordPress tutorial, you can learn how to add a custom icon under your mouse cursor on your WordPress website.

What WordPress theme is that

What WordPress theme is that?

Want to know which WordPress theme a website is using? Discover two easy methods to find the theme name and other details.

Duplicate Page posts

WordPress duplicate page or post | No plugin

In this WordPress tutorial, you will learn how to duplicate pages and posts without using any plugins, but by utilizing some custom code.

Reveal hidden passwords

Reveal hidden passwords | inspect element

Learn how to reveal saved passwords using the Inspect Element feature in Google Chrome. You can also view the password you typed