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How to update the PHP version in cPanel? | 2022

How to update the PHP version in cPanel? | 2022

Update your PHP version for WordPress websites using the cPanel for any Webhosting (Namecheap, crazy domains, etc) with PHP selector.

How to use google chrome color picker

Free color picker chrome no EXTENSIONS required? | 2022

Did you know Chrome has an inbuilt color picker? Using an inspect tool you can easily find out the color details of anything on your screen.

How to disable directory listing in WordPress

How to disable directory listing (browsing) in WordPress? | 2022

If you use WordPress, check /wp-includes/css, and if you see lists of files and folders means your directory listing is enabled, which could be a security threat.

How to customize woocommerce checkout page

Woocommerce checkout page customization, Remove fields

Here is how you can remove some fields from the Checkout page of the Woocommerce plugin on your WordPress website.

Optimize Database, clean revisions & add revision Limits

Optimize Database, delete revisions and add revision Limits

Learn how you can optimize the database, clean the revisions on your page or posts and as well add limitations to the number of revisions.

WordPress file editor missing

Fix: WordPress theme file editor missing in appearance | Enable plugin file editor

Learn how you can fix the theme file editor missing in appearance or the plugin editor using a cPanel or plugin (You can also disable them)